But what have these chairs got in common with a classic chesterfield sofa? Well, on the face of it you might not see that many similarities, but scratch beneath the surface and we think you’ll actually find more shared characteristics than you might at first think: they are all British thoroughbreds with glorious and celebrated histories, they’ve all earned their prestigious reputations over centuries, they all ooze class and sophistication, and they are all enduring iconic design classics. Why are you more likely to see a traditional chesterfield sofa than a Chippendale chair? Well, that’s a simple question to answer. It’s all down to price. Chesterfield sofas are affordable. You don’t have to be rich to get your hands on this British classic. Granted you might see lots of old leather chesterfield sofas in our stately homes, but you don’t have to own a stately home to be able to afford one. Chesterfield sofas cost less than you might think. They offer the same type of quality, reputation and pedigree as any of those posh chairs, but you won’t have to sell the family silver to afford one. If, like many of us, you dream of owning a piece of iconic British furniture, then as far as we can see there can only be one choice. The chesterfield sofa ticks all of the boxes in terms of reputation, history and affordability, but this is one iconic piece of furniture that is within the grasp of you and me. Chesterfield sofas might not have the snob value of a single Hepplewhite or Sheraton chair, but frankly who cares? At least the whole family can sit on the sofa.]]>