chesterfield sofa or a shiny new car: if you want style, class, performance and durability, then you have to pay top dollar for the privilege. But here’s a question for you: will paying top money always guarantee that you’ll get the best possible product? Does the ‘best equals priciest’ philosophy stand up to scrutiny? Well, no – not in the opinion of the craftsmen at the Chesterfield Sofa Company. You may get what you pay for generally, but that’s not necessarily true in all cases – particularly when it comes to chesterfield sofas. George Orwell once said all men are created equal, but immediately qualified that statement by adding, but some are more-equal than others. Well the same sentiment applies to products too. Some products are simply better than others. That’s certainly how we feel about our leather chesterfield sofas. In terms of quality, beauty, stylishness and durability, the Chesterfield Sofa Company’s sofas and settees are unquestionably more equal than others. So what do we base that opinion on? What makes us so sure that our chesterfield sofas are the best available. Well, not simply because they’re made in Britain, though that’s a mark of quality in itself, but also because they’re also lovingly created by time-served craftsmen using only the finest quality materials. When you buy a fabric-covered chesterfield sofa or a leather chesterfield settee from us, we guarantee that you’re going to be buying a quality product made by Britain’s finest. If that wasn’t reason enough, we can also guarantee that you’ll be paying a competitive price for it too. So what sort of quality can you expect to get when you buy one of our iconic chesterfield sofas? Well, we only use the finest quality leathers: we insist on the best, so we use full hides to guarantee quality and colour consistency. Some competitors may use demicks – that’s the scraps of leather that are normally thrown away to me and you. What they then do is patch these offcuts up. That practice just doesn’t cut the mustard for us. We insist on the optimum quality. The same applies to the hardwoods we use in our sofa construction. We only use the finest seasoned hardwoods in our furniture frames. Soft woods may be the cheaper option, but they aren’t as robust and they tend to warp and sag over time. That just isn’t good enough for the rigorous quality standards we set for ourselves. We know that our customers expect only the best; so that’s what we always endeavour to give them. So when you’re next thinking of buying anew sofa, buy a chesterfield sofa naturally – that much goes without saying, but make sure you check the label. If it says made in Britain, then the chances are you’ll be getting a quality product. If it says made in Britain by the Chesterfield Sofa Company, then you know that you’ll be getting the best that money can buy. Quality really does count. ]]>