Whether you’re looking for a traditional leather chesterfield settee or a contemporary chesterfield sofa, we know we’ll have something to tickle your fancy. We manufacture and stock 16 different styles of chesterfield sofas and settees from the classic Bolton, Coniston, Gladstone, London and Windsor ranges to the more contemporary Durham, Era, Kensington and Deco ranges. We also manufacture chesterfield occasional furniture and statement pieces along with bespoke, made to measure chesterfield furniture and leather or fabric office and study chesterfield tub and wing chairs. The choices don’t stop there either. We also offer a range of 100 of the finest quality leathers and 2,000 fabrics to cater for all styles, budgets and all tastes. We offer a choice of classic leathers in every conceivable colour from our Birch, Birch Antique, Lena, Selvaggio and Rimini collections as well as the modern and contemporary collection – the Artemida range; a unique range of high-quality seri-graphed leather with different designs and surface textures. All our chesterfield sofas and chairs are also available in a comprehensive range of fabrics from Ross Fabrics and Sunbury Design, as well as a range of sophisticated contemporary Fun Furs. You might think that by offering such an astonishing range of styles, fabrics and coverings that we’ve made your task even more difficult. Well, we never like to contradict our customers, but we actually believe that you can never have too many choices. The greater the choice, the more likely it is that everyone will be able to find something to suit their own individual style and budgets. For more information visit our website chesterfieldsofacompany.com and browse our online showroom, or call us on Freephone 0800 035 9889.]]>

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