It isn’t entirely clear how the programme went about picking the original eight contestants, though it looks pretty much like the producers had just gone out of their way to find extreme examples of every single Jewish stereotype: the bling princess, the control freak, the ultra-orthodox, the ‘smotherer’, the delusional, and the neurotic, in the hope of producing the identikit mother-from-hell figure. The format is that each week the mothers are paired up and allocated a task: two will be eliminated each week and the ultimate survivor will go on to be crowned the winner. Last week the task was to devote all their attention on organising a bar mitzvah for a young boy named David. As you’d expect David was the last person the mothers concentrated on as they vied for attention and tried to out-do one another, whilst appearing to be co-operative. So will the remaining contestants mange to find Nicola the partner of her dreams, or simply try to undermine each other and lose sight of the task at hand? Well, we’ll find out soon enough. From the looks of the preview there’ll be tears at bedtime as the mothers, the suitors and the would-be bride to be argue the toss on date night surrounded by what appears to be half of London’s traditional leather chesterfield sofa quota at the east end kosher restaurant. Dating might not get much tougher than this, but for any lover and admirer of the traditional chesterfield sofa the show will hopefully go on to be real chicken soup for the soul.]]>