Chesterfield sofas: can we fix it? Yes we can.

Chesterfield Sofa

So: you’ve decided you want a chesterfield sofa and know in your heart that it would look absolutely perfect in your living room. The only trouble is, you can spot the problem right from the off: you know a standard traditional chesterfield sofa just won’t fit in the space available. It might be too big, it could be too small: it might even be the wrong shape. So, what should you do? Should you rip up the plans and give up on the long-held dream of owning your own leather chesterfield sofa? Well, in our humble opinion the answer is definitely not: you should stick to your guns and find a manufacturer who can fix the problems. The Chesterfield Sofa Company is a class-leader in bespoke, custom-made chesterfield furniture. There’s no problem that’s too big or small for us to fix.

Although we already stock a fantastic range of traditional chesterfield sofas, we realise that every person is different. We all like different things, and we all have different needs. That’s why the Chesterfield Sofa Company also offers a made-to-measure bespoke service on the majority of our furniture and reproduction office range. We believe that having a bespoke service shouldn’t just be the preserve of the interior designer: it should be available to everyone. That’s why every item of furniture we manufacture can be custom-made to suit your exact requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you want your leather chesterfield sofa smaller, larger, longer, taller or deeper. We can fix it.

So the only decisions you’ll have to make are these: what style of chesterfield settee do you want, how big do you want the sofa to be, what sort of seat covering do you want and what sort of filling do you want your chesterfield sofa to have? Do you want super soft, soft to medium, medium to firm, very firm or a foam and fibre mix for that ‘floppy’ look? You make the choices and we deliver a tailored product that matches your dreams. ‘Simples’. The best part of all is that we deliver this dream sofa at a price that is highly competitive as we sell directly to our customers.

If you’re looking for an individual piece of furniture, or simply want to be the proud owner of a chesterfield sofa that’s unique and truly special, then our bespoke chesterfield sofa service is tailor-made for you. Give us a call on 0800 035 9889 or email us, and see how we can fix it for you.