Chesterfield sofas: beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

Chesterfield Sofa

If you think about the longstanding BBC soap opera, EastEnders, what words or phrases immediately spring to mind? We suspect it might be some of life’s baser emotions like anger, frustration, arguments, family feuds, double-dealing, double-crossing, tears, tantrums and tearaways. It’s understandable in the circumstances, given that the programme is supposed to be a gritty and realistic depiction of ordinary East End life. So there’s little room for merriment and mirth.

The one thing you probably wouldn’t associate with the ‘drama’ is beauty. Yes, you heard us right – beauty. A strange and rare commodity indeed in Albert Square, but it’s true none the less. Not convinced, then cast your mind back to last week and think about Sharon scrabbling on the floor in pursuit of her prescription painkillers: what’s the one image that stands out? Well, it’s certainly not Sharon foraging for her fix; it’s the beautiful purple velvet chesterfield sofa in Sharon’s living room. If you want beauty, then there it is – plain and simple.

Looking back through the long-running series chesterfield sofas have been notable by their absence. That in itself is quite unusual as soap operas are scripted and produced to reflect life, so you would expect to see them more regularly. After all, chesterfield sofas are now more popular than ever, and their appeal transcends right across all social strata’s. You no longer have to be posh to own one of these iconic pieces of furniture; every household can, and should be the proud owners of one of these British classics.

What does the future hold for EastEnders? Will Sharon get clean and kick the habit? Will Phil go legit? Will Ian stop double-dealing? Frankly who knows, and who cares. All we’re concerned about is the lovely chesterfield sofa. This iconic brand represents everything that is great about Britain: quality, design, build and pedigree. It’s a shame some of the other ‘exports’ Britain produces like EastEnders can’t live up to such high expectations. Sharon might be too far gone to care about her chesterfield sofa, but we’re certainly not