Chesterfield sofas: as good as it gets

Chesterfield Sofa

Believe it or not it’s officially British summer time. Just take a look outside now and watch the rain bouncing off the windows and you’ll know it’s true. Given our inclement climate, it shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise that we let our thoughts wander and dream of distant lands full of fun, sunshine and sangria. Now like many other browned-off-Brits you’re probably about to sign on the dotted line and book your summer holiday. We can’t say we blame you either given our lousy weather. Let’s face it two weeks in the sun can be wonderful and relaxing. But have you ever thought about what happens for the other 50 weeks? What will you be doing then? The chances are you’ll be sat in your living room, on an uncomfortable old sofa counting down the days til you next unleash the family of Europe.

It needn’t be like that though. Maybe it would be wiser to sacrifice the two weeks of sunshine and stomach upsets and spend the money on your home instead. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by giving your living space that extra special appeal with the new sofa you’ve always dreamt of? Well that, of course, is the easy part. The problem is we all want different things and we all have our own priorities. Some people may want an ultra chic, contemporary sofa; others may prefer to stick to the more-traditional, classic look. So, how do you choose? How do you pick a sofa that ticks all the boxes and satisfies everyone’s expectations? The answer’s simple really: just buy a traditional chesterfield sofa and you really won’t go far wrong.

So, what’s so special about Chesterfield sofas? Well they are in fact a very rare breed.  They are infinitely versatile and can blend perfectly with every type of decorative scheme.  When it comes to versatility, the chesterfield sofa is peerless.  Chesterfield sofas are the ideal focal point for your living room, whether the look you’re after is contemporary or traditional. They have certainly got the classic lines all traditionalists require, but because they are so adaptable, they fit perfectly in a modern setting, however industrial or minimal you might want that to be.

Traditional Chesterfield sofas are timeless, and have a wonderful pedigree and history. They’re also built to the most-exacting standards: from the sturdy and resilient hardwood frame to the quality fine-grained leather upholstery. Traditional chesterfield settees are built by time-served craftsmen using traditional methods that have stood the test of time. Is it any wonder they’re renowned for lasting for generations?

So don’t think of it as missing out on a holiday this year: reflect instead on what you stand to gain. Yes you’ll probably get the wretched weather, but so will everybody else when they return from their fun in the sun, but you’ll be able to sit in comfort on a gem of a sofa for 52 weeks every year. Whilst others are getting up in the middle of the night to put their towels on the deck chairs they fancy, you’ll be sat with your feet up congratulating yourself on making the wisest of choices. Remember a holiday quickly becomes nothing other than a hazy memory, but a chesterfield sofa is for life. That really is as good as it gets.