Chesterfield sofas are truly in ‘the thick of it’

Chesterfield Sofa

It’s lovely to see one of our favourite programmes back on our TV screens at last. ‘The thick of it’ has returned for a fourth and potentially final series, and it’s certainly living up to expectations. The modern day take on politics is best described as a kind of mix between a modern-day Yes Minister and an episode of the Larry Sanders show. It’s one of the few shows that you can make you laugh and squirm at the same time. We still can’t quite decide what we like best about the show.

Is it Malcolm Tucker, the Director of Communications, the aggressive, profane and feared crisis management enforcer, or ‘glummy mummy’ Nicola Murray MP, the startled and hapless leader of the opposition? Both have their own redeeming features and are in with a shout, but we’re afraid the jury’s still out. What we all do agree on, however, is the real star of the show is the chesterfield sofa that sits proudly in Nicola Murray’s office. The old leather chesterfield sofa’s a real beauty, and is enough to get us watching every Saturday in its own right.

Mind you, it’s in good company. The traditional grey leather chesterfield sofa shares an office with a couple of elegant and attractive chesterfield wing chairs. In a way it’s probably quite fitting, given that it’s supposed to be set in Westminster. Whenever you think about Whitehall and the mandarins that stroll the corridors of power you can’t help but think of good old traditional British values, and let’s face it, the chesterfield sofa is about as traditional as it gets.

The interesting part is that although we probably associate the leather chesterfield sofa with stuffy gentlemen’s clubs and smoke-filled institutions, they are also equally at home in more modern environments. They can look just as pleasing on the eye in modern homes and apartments. Chesterfield sofas are the without doubt the most adaptable and versatile piece of furniture available. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to see that Ms Murray, MP, also has a chesterfield sofa in her own living room too. We’ve heard of bringing your work home, but never the furniture too.