The word has it that Winston Churchill had a chesterfield sofa commissioned for his dog whilst he was the prime minister. We suppose if it was good enough for him, then who are we to argue? Anyway, if there’s a moral to this story, it’s that there are some pretty spoiled pooches out there. If you’re one of this hardcore breed of pet lovers, then you should take a look at a company that featured on the television last week called Pink Whiskers. The business specialises in making tailored made leather and fabric chesterfield settees for pampered pets. We’d have to say that these traditional chesterfield sofas certainly look the part and appear to be constructed form quality materials. Whether it’s a settee, a bed or a day bed, this and other furniture producing firms will provide you with whatever product you desire, as long as you’re willing to pay the price. Frankly, most people with pets would probably tell you that they would never go to such extremes. They’d also probably mention that their cat or dog have already taken up residence on their sofas any way. You might try to keep your cat or dog off the sofa, but animals are canny: as soon as you’re back’s turned or you leave the room, they’ll be up on the settee before you can say down Shep. Now, that got us thinking. If you’re in the market for a treat and fancy a new sofa, then why not have the best of both worlds? Why not spend the money on a traditional leather chesterfield sofa for the family, rather than a chesterfield settee for the dog? It will certainly be better for you and your nearest and dearest. Chesterfield settees are comfortable, affordable, elegant, stylish and built to last. Leather chesterfield sofas are also easy to maintain: so if one of the pets strays on to the sofa, all you’ll need to do is wipe it down and it’s as good as new. So, next time Fido looks at you with doleful eyes, don’t fall for the ploy. That dog knows what he’s doing. There’s no point spending money on a chesterfield sofa for the pet: spend it on yourself. Even if you did splash out and buy the ultimate dog bed, the chances are they would still prefer to join you on your traditional chesterfield sofa. Animals, like human beings, like company and would prefer to spend their time with you, regardless of how much money you’ve lavished on them.]]>