The ‘air-design’ sofa is made by a company called Blofield. It’s constructed from the same heavy duty material as life rafts, so it’s difficult to puncture and meant to withstand some serious wear and tear in the case of Glastonbury that’s probably wise. Once inflated, the sofa is identical to the traditional Chesterfield sofa you’re more likely to find in your own living room. It only takes 5 minutes to inflate via its mains pump adapter, and is, by all accounts, as comfortable as the real thing. Because of its light weigh and transportability, it’s perfect for most outdoor events and festivals. So, if you’re considering heading of to Leeds, Reading or the V Festival later this summer, this could be tailor- made for you. Let’s face it, if you’re going to camp, you might as well do it in style. However, if all this talk of inflatable sofas seems a little far-fetched for your liking and a bit too bouncy castle-like, then don’t worry. You can always buy the real thing at a cost that probably isn’t that much dearer than hiring the blow-up equivalent. Purchasing a bespoke traditional Chesterfield sofa needn’t cost an arm and a leg. When you buy a Chesterfield settee from the Chesterfield Sofa Company, you’re buying quality and craftsmanship. Our sofas are definitely built to last and will look good for a generation. Sadly that probably won’t be the case for our outdoor campers. Photo credit –]]>