Colour surrounds our every day life it’s everywhere we look, and I bet you take it for granted? Do you stop to think that colour also affects our moods, decisions and actions. For example we know we associate blue with cold, winter, water, mellow. We associate yellow with the sun, summer, warmth, happiness. Red we associate as rich ,power, love, danger, anger. Grey with miserable, drab, sadness, tiredness. Green with nature, calm but also jealousy. So what draws us to our choice of colour is usually a feeling or a mood associated with that. Designers use colour choice carefully, in offices colours can affect how you work, they can help you concentrate and feel motivated. This is equally important in our homes where we relax and feel happy. Spring 2013 interior design is strongly determined by nature. Earthy shades of white, brown natural tones, wooden surfaces, and natural materials set the foundation for the fresh new trend theme. Having bespoke Chesterfield furniture in Birch Blush Beige Leather can be eye-catching centre of your room. This can be mixed with pastel cushions , rugs and curtains to bring a fresh feel . Along with wooden floors can create a contemporary light airy modern feel. You could go for a themed look:-


A look created from the French, depicting, art , hand crafted , a rich and inviting look that can create a rustic feel of treasured antiques and eclectic quirky finds. This could be designed around a Birch Antique Harvest Gold Leather Chesterfield Sofa.


For the trendy city slicker in there studio appartment this look is crsip, sharp, chic. Conveys a cool cosmopolian cultural diverse look. You could look at the Deco Modern Chestfield sofa in a Lena Oriental Blue Leather.

New Traditional

Seen through modern eyes but portraying classic elegance using bold colors and patterns that create a warm, inviting retreat. Where a typically traditional Chestefield sofa would sit.


A fresh,airy, breezy nature inspired look with the feel of costal regions cool, pure and simple. A mixture of green plants, candles and sandy shades create a relaxed feel. A comfy Appollo Antik Damask printed Chesterfield Sofa with a silky smooth finish that has been hand antiqued would be ideal to curl up on.]]>