Saxon Chesterfield Sofa Collection

If you’re looking for the ultimate fabric chesterfield sofa, then look no further than the sophisticated and stylish Saxon Chesterfield Sofa.

The stunning Saxon Fabric Chesterfield Sofa comes complete with deep sprung back, deep buttoned arms, back and seat mahogany coloured bun feet. The Saxon Chesterfield Sofa is beautifully crafted and exudes sophistication, elegance and comfort.

The beautifully crafted Saxon Fabric Chesterfield Sofa collection exudes sophistication, elegance and comfort.

The Saxon Chesterfield range also includes a 4 seater settee, 3 seater sofa, 2 seater settee, club chair, ottoman and square and regular footstools.

To create your fabric chesterfield sofa, similar to the one used in the advert, we use Sunbury Fabrics Kimora 5909 fabric for the grey covering and Kimora 5905 fabric for the blue piping.

For ordering assistance or further information, please call us on either 0800 035 9889 (UK Freephone) or +44 161 341 0398 (International)

Furniture is pictured in Sunbury Fabrics Kimora 5909 fabric for the grey covering and Kimora 5905 fabric for the blue piping
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4 Seater Sofa


Width: 2550mm
Height: 800mm
Depth: 900mm

3 Seater Sofa


Width: 2050mm
Height: 800mm
Depth: 900mm

2 Seater Sofa


Width: 1600mm
Height: 800mm
Depth: 900mm

Arm Chair


Width: 1020mm
Height: 800mm
Depth: 900mm



Width: 450mm
Height: Depends on Leg Choice
Depth: 450mm



Width: 450m
Height: Depends on Leg Choice
Depth: 600mm



Width: 450mm
Height: Depends on Leg Choice
Depth: 560mm

Barrel Footstool


Width: 460mm
Height: 470mm
Depth: 460mm

Box Chesterfield Footstool


Width: 540mm
Height: 400mm
Depth: 500mm

Chesterfield Glass Topped Coffee Table


Width: 64mm
Height: 44mm
Depth: 126mm
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Birch Antique Leathers - Click to show the range.
The two-tone finish provides a classic appearance. Birch Antique is a fine corrected grain leather with an antique top coat. After the furniture has been upholstered this top coat is 'rubbed off' in areas to reveal the lighter colour beneath, thus giving an aged appearance.

Birch Antique Blue Leather

Birch Antique Brown Leather

Birch Antique Gold Leather

Birch Antique Green Leather

Birch Antique Harvest Leather

Birch Antique Olive Leather

Birch Antique Red Leather

Birch Antique Rust Leather

Birch Antique Tan Leather

Birch Flat Leathers - Click to show the range.
Attractive corrected grain leather, with a plain pigmented finish, offering ideal light fastness, stain protection and a soft feel. Suitable for domestic, general contract and marine applications.

Birch Baby Blue Leather

Birch Biscuit Leather

Birch Black Leather

Birch Blush Beige Leather

Birch Bordeaux Leather

Birch Brown Leather

Birch Burnt Orange Leather

Birch Claret Leather

Birch Corn Leather

Birch Cream Leather

Birch Dresden Leather

Birch Forest Green Leather

Birch Ivory Leather

Birch Lichen Leather

Birch Magnifico Leather

Birch Mint Leather

Birch Mocha Leather

Birch Navy Leather

Birch Regal Leather

Birch Rose White Leather

Birch Scarlet Leather

Birch Taupe Leather

Birch White Leather

Birch Wild Cherry Leather

Lena Range Leathers (15% surcharge) - Click to show the range.
Deluxe half grain pigmented leather, the surface has been lightly buffed to make it more uniform but still retain the natural character and soft smooth finish.

Lena Autumn Leaf Leather

Lena Beige Leather

Lena Black Leather

Lena Brandy Leather

Lena Chocolate Leather

Lena Coffee Leather

Lena Dark Green Leather

Lena Espresso Leather

Lena Garnet Leather

Lena Magnolia Leather

Lena Malt Leather

Lena Marble Leather

Lena Oriental Blue Leather

Lena Oriental Red Leather

Lena Purple Leather

Lena Vanilla Leather

Lena White Leather

Selvaggio Leathers (20% surcharge) - Click to show the range.
A natural Pull Up aniline leather with a soft waxy feel which allows the sauvage look to mature with time. Oils and waxes have been applied to the surface to allow the hide character to show through.

Selvaggio Bridle Leather

Selvaggio Dark Brown Leather

Selvaggio Hazel Leather

Selvaggio Honey Leather

Selvaggio Mahogany Leather

Selvaggio Verde Leather

Selvaggio Walnut Leather

Rimini Leathers (20% surcharge) - Click to show the range.
A natural half grain aniline leather with a slight pull up characteristic, the leather when stretched lightens to the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades

Rimini Caramel Leather

Rimini Chocolate Leather

Rimini Cream Leather

Rimini Foresta Leather

Rimini Marrone Leather

Rimini Nero Leather

Rimini Oxblood Leather

Rimini Rust Leather

Rimini Sage Leather

Rimini Wine Leather

Artemida Leathers (80% surcharge) - Click to show the range.

Artemida Apollo 1300

Artemida Apollo 1310

Artemida Apollo 1318

Artemida Apollo Antik 1380

Artemida Apollo Antik 1384

Artemida Apollo Antik 1388

Artemida Apollo Antik 1390

Artemida Apollo Zebrato 1350

Artemida Apollo Zebrato 1360

Artemida Diores 1000

Artemida Diores 1006

Artemida Diores 1014

Artemida Diores 1018

Artemida Diores 1020

Artemida Diores 1024

Artemida Diores 1028

Artemida Diores 1054

Artemida Diores Negative 1062

Artemida Diores Negativo 1050

Artemida Diores Negativo 1058

Artemida Hermes 1500

Artemida Hermes 1506

Artemida Hermes 1510

Artemida Pallas 1150

Artemida Pallas 1154

Artemida Pallas 1158

Artemida Pallas 1162

Artemida Pallas 1166

Artemida Pallas Damascato 1120

Artemida Pallas Damascato 1124

Artemida Pallas Damascato 1132

Artemida Pallas Damascato 1158

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1176

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1180

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1184

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1188

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1192

Artemida Pallas Zebrato 1198

Artemida Selene 1802

Artemida Selene 1806

Artemida Selene 1810

Artemida Selene 1814

Fabrics and Velvets - Prices quoted based on your choice - Click to show the range.
Our fabrics and velvets are supplied by Sunbury Design, Ross Fabrics, Wemyss, Sinclaire Ltd and Panaz.Visit their website to view their latest collections.

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