You can probably picture the scene now: the carol singers are at the door, the fridge is packed to the gills with festive food, the drinks cabinet’s overflowing, there’s a twinkling tree in the corner, the presents wrapped and secreted in various hidden places around the house and there’s even ‘it’s a wonderful life’ burbling away in the background. Don’t you just love Jimmy Stewart? This is the sort of idealised Christmas scene we all crave. Yet look around again at this picture in your mind, but this time look objectively. Is there something missing? Isn’t there one vital missing ingredient that would make this Yuletide scene perfect? Well of course there is: there’s no chesterfield sofa. How could you have forgotten that? Well fear not: the Chesterfield Sofa Company is on the case and ready to make your Yuletide picture-perfect. If you’d like an elegant and timeless classic chesterfield sofa in your life this Christmas, then there’s really no time to waste. Place your order before the 30 November, and we can guarantee to deliver your beautiful chesterfield settee before the festive fun begins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a traditional chesterfield sofa or a contemporary chesterfield settee; we can build the sofa of your dreams and have it delivered to your home before Bing Crosby lights his Yuletide pipe. What’s more, as an added incentive we’ll even throw in a half-price chesterfield footstool if you place your order before the end of the month. Christmas just isn’t the same without the family bunched up on the sofa watching the Queen’s speech. Well, just imagine watching it in style this year when you cuddle up on a leather chesterfield sofa fit for a palace. Life doesn’t get much better than that.]]>