Chesterfield sofas: 4 compelling reasons to choose a Chesterfield Sofa Company settee

Chesterfield Sofa

Are you looking to give your home a make-over? Perhaps you want to give your living room the X factor or add a bit of pizzazz. Well, you don’t have to completely redecorate your living space to achieve this, nor do you have to pay for the services of a Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Adding that extra something is simple achieved. All you need to do is to add a special piece of furniture as the new focal point of your room. Mind you, to make the transformation as effective as possible you’ll have to choose a very special piece of furniture – something iconic and eye-catching. If you have the money that’s easy to achieve: you can source an Eames chair, a Barcelona chair or a Corbusier chair. Sadly for most of us that’s just a pipe dream. So what can we regular mortals do to add some pizzazz? Well, that’s simple too. You source the true classic – the chesterfield sofa – the iconic and legendary sofa with a pedigree that few other pieces of furniture can match. The design may be over 200 years old, but it’s still going strong. What’s more, it’s made in Britain, and that just adds to its appeal.

Why should you choose a Chesterfield Sofa Company settee?

Made in Britain:

What’s so special about that? Well, when you buy British, you generally know you’re buying a quality product that has been made with great care and attention to detail. It’s that same sort of commitment to detail and quality that we try to put into every leather chesterfield sofa and chesterfield chair we build at our company.


We use only the finest quality materials, like seasoned timbers and full-hide superior leathers, and then team this with traditional, time-served British craftsmanship. We continue this attention to detail throughout the construction process and even hand-nail every stud to guarantee quality assurance. We care about the quality of the final product we create, because we know that’s exactly what our discerning customers demand.


All our chesterfield sofas and settees are manufactured to the highest possible standards. We’ve set our benchmark to such an incredibly high standard that we doubt any of our regional competitors could match us in terms of quality. Yet in spite of such quality, we’re still able to offer our customers the very best competitive prices. How we achieve this is simple. We sell direct to the public, so there are no middle men. We manufacture all our products and sell direct to our customers so you won’t be paying out-of-town inflated retail prices: just a competitive price for a quality product.


Our business is based on customer satisfaction. We are therefore only happy when our customers are happy. If there’s a problem we’ll deal with it. If there’s a fault – though we’re pretty sure there won’t be – we’ll guarantee to fix it. We even extend this guaranteed service to our pricing structure. If you manage to find another chesterfield sofa of a comparable quality cheaper, we’ll beat that price. We guarantee that. How can we make such a guarantee? Well, because we’re pretty confident that you won’t be able to find one.