Chesterfield Chaise Longue Sofa

Our opulent Chesterfield chaise longue sofas are fit to adorn any living room and will provide a touch of class.

All our chaise longue's are made to order, so you can be rest assured it will meet your exact requirements. Plus, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our range, then we will happily create a bespoke designs to meet your precise requirements.

All our Chesterfield Chaise Longue sofas are hand-made at our Lancashire workshop by our team of skilled craftsmen.

We are dedicated to producing quality furniture made from the highest quality leather, fabric and wood using traditional techniques. Whether it’s a Chesterfield Chaise or a set of occasional chairs, we put the same attention to detail and level of service into every item we make.

Take a look at our collection of Traditional and Modern Chesterfield Chaise here.

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