For anyone who isn’t completely au fait with the programme, here’s a quick synopsis. Claire Sweeney, the former Brookside star, aided by a designer and a host of handymen and women swoop on an ordinary house and transform the interior decoration in the space of sixty minutes. Now that might seem improbable, but having watched it, we can assure you it’s true. The paint may still be wet at the end, but the houses certainly look different. The makeovers that star our Chesterfield sofas are masterminded by noted interior designer, Derek Taylor. Now Derek might not be such immediately recognisable name like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen or John Amabile, but he’s got quite a CV to boast about. He’s hosted television programmes like ITV’s House of Horrors and Jade’s Salon and also designed for catwalk shows in the UK and Milan. On top of that he’s created sumptuous interior layouts for the show homes of Wimpy Homes, Crest Nicolson and Barclay Homes and has transformed the houses of celebrities like Patsy Palmer, Phil Tufnell and Ronnie O’Sullivan. In the upcoming makeover programmes Derek wanted the star of the makeover to be a traditional Chesterfield sofa, but with a modern twist. So he opted for 2 of our bespoke fabric-covered Bolton Chesterfield sofas. In the first episode he uses a Ross Fabrics Natura Natural 3 seat Bolton Chesterfield sofa made to specific dimensions to fit in with style and layout of the property: 205 cm wide, 75 cm high ands 92cm deep. In the New Year’s episode he also chose a bespoke Bolton Chesterfield settee, covered this time in Sunbury Fabrics Kimora 5909, and built to the same specifications and measurements. We think you’ll agree when you watch the show that there’s little doubt who the real star is; that’s right the sofa. Keep your eyes peeled for the programme. We aren’t exactly sure when it will air yet, but will keep you informed and let you know when we know. You might think this type of programme isn’t for you, but give it a try anyway. It’s actually quite compelling once you start to watch, and can turn into quite a compulsive obsession if you’re not careful. So you can’t say you haven’t been warned.]]>