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Bad Back? Let a Chesterfield Sofa Support You

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There are few worse things in everyday life than having a bad back. Whether the cause is injury, accident or wear and tear, back pain is the pits. Even mild back pain can ruin your day. If you’re a regular sufferer, you have our sympathy.

It’s horrifying to discover that over 10 million Britons have some kind of back issue. And with 5.6 million working days lost every year, back pain is an economic problem too.

Some of the reasons for a bad back are unfortunate perhaps due to injury or disability. But many issues are due to lax back care. Poor posture, too little exercise or overdoing it are all reasons for back problems. Surprisingly, having a badly designed sofa can be a contributing factor. Indeed, recent estimates indicate that one in five instances of back pain could be sofa-related.

So sit up straight and read our review on how your sofa can affect your spinal health. Well, give you some great tips and guidance on the best furniture to buy.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

You’ll have noticed many retailers sell a dizzying range of sofas in an array of styles and fabrics. Many are complex affairs replete with cushions, ornamentation and fashionable frilly bits. They all look pretty good in the adverts to be fair. Indeed, they may feel great when you sample them in the store. Unfortunately, for long-term use, an elaborate sofa can be disastrous for your back.

If a sofa is too soft or if it’s piled with pretty cushions that constantly shift and need adjustment then problems may ensue. You’ll struggle to get your back aligned. Fussy sofas encourage slouching or leaning to one side. You shuffle around trying to get comfortable. You start to stuff loose cushions into gaps to compensate for where the support is uneven.

All of this is bad news for your back. The more you move around, the more you stress your spine. Gradually your core rigidity will ebb away. All this unnatural movement makes you more prone to back discomfort or injury.

In short, some trendy sofas do not do what they’re supposed to do. That is, help you to sit comfortably.

Great Support As Standard

Happily, there is a sofa that puts less stress on your spine. A magnificent Chesterfield. The classic sofa design that’s versatile in any setting. It’s back-friendly too. Chesterfield furniture encourages you to sit well. It’s built into the tried and tested heritage design.

A Chesterfield is from an age when people sat more formally. In days gone by, there was no TV to encourage long-term sofa use. And none of the indolence that has transformed us into couch potatoes with terrible posture.

A Chesterfield’s firm seats, upright backrest and recessed buttons help you to sit at the right angle. A position that naturally supports your bodyweight. The low back lets you get comfortable. The armrests are at the perfect height to offer both comfort and support.

But don’t mistake a Chesterfield sofa for an austere seating experience! In fact, you’ll feel infinitely better for much longer with one of these welcoming pieces. They’ll be no groaning as you get up from your sofa. No fighting to get free. You can stand up easily with a relaxed, unstressed back. Lovely!

And yes, if you want to have a lie-down, no problem. You’ll still get the same benefits. Even stretched out you’ll get even support and be able get up with little strain. All great Chesterfield features that reduce the chances of hurting your back.

We’ve Got Your Back

Of course, it goes without saying if you have back pain you must seek medical advice. This is a complex problem with many contributing factors. However, you can be sure Chesterfield sofas and chairs with their supportive construction have ‘got your back’ and could help some people with occasional back pain.

Why not pop by to our workshop, give one a go and see how it feels. We’re confident you’ll feel the benefits. Call us on 01706 874452 for more advice and do have a look at our buying guide for lots more info.

You never know, your back may thank you for buying a Chesterfield sofa!