Why should you choose us to make your Chesterfield furniture?

We could give you an extensive list of reasons why you should choose us to create your chesterfield furniture, but that would take a lot of reading! Instead, we've provided a list of the top 10 reasons below.

We are so confident and proud of our furniture we welcome you to visit our showroom and factory (by appointment only) to see the quality of our products and craftsmanship.

  1. Price Promise

    We are confident that you will not find a similar chesterfield sofa at a cheaper price - if you find a similar sofa of equal quality, cheaper, we will beat the price - guaranteed!

  2. High Quality Chesterfield Furniture

    We make all the furniture we sell - because of this, we know exactly how they are made and the materials used. And, we don't make demick's.

  3. Made To Order

    All our chesterfield furniture is made to order - we don't store our furniture in warehouses or units. When we say we are making your chesterfield furniture for you, you can rest assured that we are making your furniture, just as you want it.

  4. We Use Best Quality 'Full-hides' (We Don't Make Demicks!!!)

    All our leather chesterfield sofas are made using the finest grade 'full-hides' - some chesterfield makers use scraps of leather, that we would usually throw away, to create the leather covering. This can lead to inconsistencies in colour, finish, texture and most importantly, strength.

  5. Hardwood Frames with a 10 Year Warranty

    We use Beechwood for all our frames - we use beech for its durability and its shock absorbing and weight bearing capabilities. All our frames are glued, screwed and dowelled for additional strength.

  6. Bespoke Chesterfield Sofas

    When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke - As we make all our chesterfield sofas to order, you have the option of creating truly bespoke furniture. You can choose from over 100 leathers, 2,000 fabrics and a selection of faux furs. You can choose the filling style & its firmness, the woodstain colour and even the size - have your furniture made to a size to suit the living space or your physique.

  7. Handmade In England

    All our chesterfield furniture is made in our Lancashire workshop - you can even visit the workshop to see your furniture being made!

  8. Highly Skilled Craftsmen

    All our chesterfield furniture is made by our team of timeserved craftsmen - our team has been making Chesterfield sofas and settees for over 35 years and, as a result, we have a wealth of experience.

  9. We Deliver Worldwide

    We can deliver our Chesterfield sofas to virtually any address on the planet! - we have delivered our chesterfield sofas to every continent, to destinations including England, Scotland, United States of America, Australia Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Malta, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Austria to name but a few!

  10. We Go The Extra Mile

    Choose us if it's high quality service and a high quality chesterfield sofa you want - we know that buying a chesterfield sofa is not a decision most people take lightly, and rightly so. Our friendly team are on hand to help you with your decision making - call us on 0800 035 9889 or +44 (0) 161 341 0398 or email us if you have any questions about our products or service, they will be only too happy to help!

Brand Marks
Colour Variation
Fat Wrinkles
Healed Scar
Insect Bite

Real Leather Characteristics

Real leather is an ideal choice for furniture. It brings prestige to any interior and has its own special feel and aroma.

  • It is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for furniture.
  • It breathes for comfort and ventilates to adjust to the environment. Leather is constantly adjusting to its environment. It is cool to the touch but will adjust to your body temperature within 10 – 15 seconds. Your furniture will not be hot and sticky.
  • Leather furniture outlasts fabric and unlike fabric leather improves with age if looked after properly. It mellows gracefully.
  • Leather is a very practical material and requires very little maintenance to keep it supple, clean and comfortable. Stains caused by food or drink can be removed from finished leathers with ease. Many spills quickly bead up and can be absorbed or wiped away.
  • Leather is dust free making it ideal for sufferers of asthma and other allergies. Allergy experts recommend leather furniture for its ability to resist dust collection and can be easily wiped clean.

Hallmarks of Natural Leather

Living animals are exposed to various types of influence from the environment. Natural leather proudly bears the hallmarks of its origin. These individual characteristics and marks have been accumulated over the years.

They are not weakening defects and will not shorten the life of the leather. They are in fact considered to enhance its appearance distinguishing natural leather from imitations.

The illustrations above show some of the natural features found in leather.

Our Clients

Here's a small selection of businesses and establishements we have supplied Chesterfield Sofa and Chairs to.

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