A week in the life of a Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

When you think about traditional chesterfield sofas, where do you think you’re most likely to see them? Most people would immediately suggest banks and swanky offices, and that’s a natural enough association. They are, after all, timeless pieces of furniture that exude class, style and functionality, and consequently don’t look out of place in institutional surroundings. But, it’s only really when you start to think about the matter seriously and look around you that you see that Chesterfield sofas are everywhere. These furniture classics are ubiquitous and can be seen in all sorts of different places. If you’re up for a challenge, then keep your eyes peeled over the next week and see how many Chesterfield settees and chairs you can spot. You’ll be surprised, we can tell you that much.

So, what started this idea?  It was simply just watching both live and recorded television at the weekend actually. It began with just a casual comment about a TV advertisement for Virgin’s Tivo box where we spotted an actor perched on a rather grand looking Chesterfield sofa, and it just mushroomed from there. By the end of the weekend it was astonishing just how many pieces we’d counted. If you don’t believe it – read on.

There’s a Chesterfield tub chair in the BT Home hub advertisement for its new integrated broadband service. 3 Chesterfield sofas were featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets along with a couple of tub chairs. Restoration home on BBC 2 featured 2 lovely and rather impressive looking traditional leather Chesterfield settees and a Chesterfield chair in its latest episode, where a family renovated a large stately pile in Derbyshire. Rob Brydon and his guest, Matt Lucas, were both sat on modern Chesterfield chairs on the first episode of his new chat show this weekend. There was a Chesterfield chair in one of the garden sets at the RHS Flower show at Tatton Park.  If you’re quick of the mark you’ll spot Kirsty Allsop’s Chesterfield chair in the small and mighty washing powder advert. There was a slightly more modern Chesterfield settee in Channel 4’s Sirens, Martin Shaw parked his posterior on one as Inspector Gently and there were a couple spotted at the end of an episode of Frazier.

Now what does that tell you, apart from the fact that the quality of the TV’s so poor at the moment that you have to flick from one channel to another just to pass the night away? Well, actually what it does say is that good old Chesterfield furniture is versatile. No matter what the situation or location, the decorative style or theme, Chesterfield furniture will never look out of place. Whether your tastes are modern, traditional, cool and contemporary or warm and welcoming, there’s a Chesterfield sofa that’s just right for you.