What’s in a name? I call it a settee? My parents call it a couch; I remember my grandparents having a dark leather Chesterfield Sofa, and it was always referred to as the “Chesterfield”, as if it had a personality. The “Chesterfield” had travelled with them for years, in various homes, from London to Oldham and settled in Charlesworth in the Derbyshire hills. This Chesterfield sofa saw many generations and was a fond part of my childhood.

How do you choose a sofa for your living room?

First look at the size of your room, the challenge is to find a sofa that fits effortlessly without taking over. This can be a hard choice as you don’t know how long you will be in the house you’re in now and what your room will be like if you move, but believe me if you purchase a sofa you love when you move you will choose a lounge that it will fit in! A good tip is to measure the width of your room and a sofa should be 2/3rds of that measurement. For example if your lounge is 10 feet wide the sofa should be approx. 6 feet by 6 inches. This allows the sofa to fit on the smallest wall whilst allowing space at the sides for tables or plants or a foot stool to be tucked away. Chesterfield sofa can be made to measure!

leather-chesterfield-footstool-square-lrg (1)

The biggest decision is a style; you need to think about modern or more traditional, comfort level and colour. Do you want a rounded look or a square look? Remember if you want a traditional look as oppose to a modern look, then a light to a neutral shade is a better option. Very Light, very Dark or some pattern will give a modern or “fashion trend” feel. The covering will depend on the longevity and durability of the sofa; leather will last longer than linen. Colours can also reflect moods and emotions.

Now the big question is the cost.

How much do you spend on your sofa? If you’re budgeting for a whole new living room, including all new furniture, it is estimated you should use about 20% or your budget on your sofa. If you have not done a full budget plan then a good estimate is to work on a minimum of £250 a year per length of time you want the sofa to last, so if you want it to last 10 years then spend £2,500 to £4,000. It is usually the fabric that wears out first, then the internal springs and support. As our Chesterfield sofas are handcrafted and not mass produced the internal support and springs are designed to last and the structure of the handcrafted Chesterfield sofa is robust.


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