‘Space the final frontier…’ Epic words from Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. A man who we assumed knew quite a lot about outer space. Wonder what advice he’d offer to the equally knotty issue the strategies you can employ to maximise space in your home? Whilst you may not be wrangling with Klingons on a daily basis, the ability to maximise space in the average semi can be just as daunting. Fear not. That’s why we have created our guide to making the maximum use of your final frontier, namely the space in all your rooms.  

The Hall/Entrance

This is the first place visitors will encounter when they come to your home. As it’s said, first impressions count so functionality and tidiness is key to impressing guests. It’s likely unkempt hallways will be a discordant symphony of shoes and casually discarded coats. Therefore, to maximise this space storage is the key. Some sturdy coat hooks for the clothes and maybe a bench with storage for the removal and discrete concealment of shoes. It’s simple, cheap and functional!  

The Living Room

Did you read our tips on how to accommodate a large sofa? If so, you’ll know that it’s not what you put in the room that counts, it’s how you use a limited floor plan that will help you to maximise the space in your home. The old adage less-is-more applies hugely here. So, the key is to buy furniture that is versatile with lots of storage that fits neatly in dead zones such as under windows or fireplace recesses. That way you’ll make lots of room for comfortable furnishings like one of our classic Chesterfield sofas.  

The Boudoir

Or as you and I know it the main bedroom. This should be a tranquil, sleep inducing space where you can get the rest you need. All too often bedrooms become strewn with any combination of clothes, shoes and always an odd sock for some reason. If every drawer, wardrobe and shelf is replete, then there just one word you need – declutter! If you really want to maximise space in your home, get busy. Sort out all your rarely worn clothes, unloved ornaments and tatty bedding and either; sell them or, better yet, give them to charity. That way you’ll create the space you need and aid a good cause. That should help you sleep better at night.  

The Kid’s Bedroom

If the main bedroom is challenging then a kid’s room is likely to be the final straw. The mess to end all messes. Every parent knows this. They may even sob a little when no one’s watching at the thought of sorting it out. Oh dear. Well, the same rules apply. Declutter, recycle and amp up the storage as much as you can. You may not get any help from your offspring when making the space, but at least you’ll have plenty of places to stuff their things when it’s again time to tackle this ongoing issue.  

The Bathroom

It’s funny how bathrooms get so messy isn’t it? Assuming you give them a wipe over with a damp cloth every now they can still look very untidy. It’s because there are so many little bits and pieces like bottles and towels and toilet rolls lying around. A great tip is to try to corral all these things together using a pretty basket or a bathroom unit to keep them in one place. A shower tidy is also good investment as well as a towel radiator or storage rack. Obviously, discipline is the key here and although we can’t guarantee this will solve the who-has-left-the-top-of-the-toothpaste argument, perhaps it’s a start?  

The Home Office

One area where it’s essential to maximise the space in your home is the office. If this is the space where you earn your bread and butter, then organisation is a must. Read our blog on creating a home office for some great ideas and remember productivity starts with being tidy, using storage efficiently, planning your space and creating as few distractions as possible. May we suggest our Chesterfield office chair as one that you’ll be reluctant to leave that often. Just think about how much you’ll get done with a comfortable seat to work in!  

There’s just so much… space!

Follow our guide and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to maximise the space in your home. You’ll be delighted with all the extra room. Maybe not as much space as the crew from Star Trek has to deal with but just as remarkable! And if we can bring some of the clean lines and classic styling from the Chesterfield universe to your home, then open up your communicators and get in touch!]]>

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