6 Autumn Winter 2018 Interior Trends

Autumn Winter 2018 Interior Trends

Are you the kind of person who likes to be fashionable? Is it essential you have the latest clothes, gadgets and accessories? Many will only feel their world is complete when they are ‘on trend’, en vogue, de rigueur and many other French words. For très chic people, that idea will also extend to the home when only the most up to date interior design trends will do. If that’s the case, this is the article for you.

You’re going to get the ‘skinny’ on the autumn winter 2018 interior design trends that will make your home a debonair, designer paradise. OK, that’s enough French. Let’s get on and find out the autumn winter trends that will transform your home and your life.

Flower Power

Oversized florals are going to be popular in autumn winter 2018. Look out for wallpaper with Triffid-sized, intricate floral designs. The blousier, the better. Accessorise with matching cushions, lampshades and leafy flooring. Keep the overall room simple and let the flowers pollinate the theme with a lovely natural feel. While nature may be shedding its foliage, you can keep the flowery vibe going with this autumn winter trend.

Embrace The Darkness

Darker shades are creeping into autumn winter 2018 interior design trends. Black, Navy Blue and deep browns are all set to make our homes intimate and inviting. Used judiciously these colours don’t have to make your rooms like the Crypt Keeper’s coal chute. Keep walls and flooring in lighter shades of grey and brown and carefully layer the accessories and fabrics to keep your design playful.

Living In The Eighties

There’s a distinctly retro vibe for some of this season’s interior design trends. For children of the eighties, this will be like going back in time. Flamboyant patterns in red and black will make a reappearance. Maybe embrace rag-rolled emulsion, wallpaper borders and over the top swags and tails on the curtains. It’s a bold choice so employ some restraint as you use some eighties design ideas. Get this right, and all you’ll need is a Flock of Seagulls haircut to complete the look.

Scandi Retro

It’s been several decades since IKEA introduced Scandinavian simplicity to the UK. However, Nordic design has been at the cutting edge since the 1950’s. Clean lines, intelligent design and functionality have always been the hallmark of this furniture. Autumn winter 2018 interior design trends have embraced the best of this minimalist approach. Look for classics of the era like safari, egg and clam chairs. Accessories include artichoke and grasshopper lamps and Josef Frank fabrics.

In The Pink

Moving on from last year’s trend for Blush, pink interior design trends have gained some traction. This is perfect for people who like some vibrant colour in their life. Go the whole hog on walls, floors and furnishings or a scale back with just a few pink touches. Accessorise with blue, grey and white. Introduce some silver metallic elements to offset the overpowering marshmallow effect that a very pink design could bring.

Lovely Leather

Leather is going to be big in 2019. Very big. Leather lampshades, side tables, decorations and, of course, sofas. This is a versatile and beautiful material that always delivers and is both durable and timeless. You don’t need us to tell you that leather’s an excellent choice. And yes, a leather Chesterfield sofa is front and centre in the autumn winter trends 2019. Use our buyers guide to get yourself a best of breed sofa that’ll blend seamlessly into any of the schemes above!

On Trend Chesterfield

There you go. Plenty of ideas to help you create fabulous, modern rooms in autumn-winter 2018. Pick the one that appeals and go for it! One thing's sure, a Chesterfield in leather or fabric will find its way perfectly into every one of them.

So if a new sofa’s on the cards call the Chesterfield Sofa Company team on 0800 035 9889 and buy with confidence knowing that you’ll have a piece of furniture that will fit into en vogue home designs for many autumn winters to come.

Published: 22/10/18

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