5 Ways To Disguise An Old Sofa

Disguise An Old Sofa

You’ll have heard the saying, ‘the elephant in the room’. It usually relates to a big unspoken issue that everyone avoids talking about, but that needs to be discussed. The expression could also relate to an old sofa that you no longer love. A large, ugly lump that dominates the room and detracts from everything around it. Something that’s always in your eye line and causes you to wince every time you see it. A bit like having an elephant in your living room, in fact

It’s happened to everyone over the years, as they’ve furnished their home. Maybe you bought the sofa thinking it was fabulous but now you are full of regret. Perhaps you inherited it when someone upgraded his or her sofa, but now modern tastes make it a real eyesore. Worse still, it may be a family heirloom that you’re obliged to keep but loathe with a passion. Lucky for you we’re here to help. Here are five of the best ways to disguise an old sofa.

While the offending sofa may still be there, you can use some of these tips to minimise the decorative pain it’s causing. With a little effort, you can hide an old sofa and make it into something you can live with. Until you can afford a fabulous Chesterfield, of course!

Throws, Thick And Thin

One of the best ways to disguise an old sofa is to hide it. Get rid of it altogether by using throws to cover it completely. By choosing fabric throws that are modern and fresh, you can camouflage every terrible inch of an ugly sofa. Better still, you can mix and match different types of throws to create stimulating layers to harmonise with the decorative theme you want to create. And whether you like your throws neat and tucked in or strewn haphazardly, they are a cheap and easy way to hide an old sofa.

The Road To Recovery

Even the most woeful sofa can be transformed by investing in a set of slipcovers. These are a perfect and efficient way to disguise an old sofa. An ugly furniture duckling can be reborn as an elegant a la mode swan. Slipcovers are available in all sorts of modern patterns in both off the shelf and made to measure versions. While this option may be a little more expensive, it does offer a good few more years of usable life to your sofa.

Pile On The Pillows

Investing in an array of colourful pillows can do wonders to disguise an old sofa. Pick bright, attractive fabrics that please and enchant the eye. Mix and match pillow sizes so you can cover up as much of your offending settee as possible. Use them as accents to other pieces in the room. Match your pillows to the flooring, walls or curtains if you can. Doing this creates a unified feel to the space that prevents individual pieces, like your terrible sofa, dominating the way the room looks.

Distract The Eye

Magicians call it misdirection. Making you look somewhere else instead of where the action’s happening. The same idea can hide an ugly sofa. By choosing a bold, eye-catching design elsewhere in the room, you can conceal your tragic couch in plain sight. Maybe install a vivid geometric mural or use some stunning wallpaper on a feature wall. Invest in a large piece of intriguing art or sculpture that acts as a more dominant aspect of the room. Soon you won’t even notice your disagreeable sofa as you admire your other cutting-edge design ideas. Well done you!

Paint it…

Now, this is a radical idea, but more practical than you’d expect. Why not paint the sofa? Yes, you can buy specialist fabric paint that doesn’t just disguise an ugly sofa, as change it altogether. You’ll need to be confident, and a bit of practice may be in order, to avoid disasters. But if you think you have the ‘right stuff’, get painting. Success here will be hard fought for, but pull this off, and you’ll be an interior design hero. Good luck with that, we salute you!

Get Rid!

There’s only one real way to disguise an old, ugly sofa, that’s to get rid of it. Replace it with a beautiful Chesterfield sofa that you will love from the moment it arrives. It’s an affordable choice too. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the enduring design of this craftsman made furniture. You can choose from our vast range of styles in fine leather or fabulous fabric. You’ll soon find a sofa that suits both your home and your budget.

Call today on 0800 035 9889 and let our lovely team help you get to forget about that tired, ugly sofa, once and for all. Indeed, when you take delivery of your fabulous new sofa only an elephant will remember the old one!

Published: 15/08/18

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