4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Sofa

4 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Sofa

‘They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.’ Wise words from Andy Warhol, a man responsible for quite a few interior decoration ideas over the years. He wasn’t speaking directly about when to replace your sofa, but at heart, his sentiment is bang on.

Sometimes change is inevitable, and you need to take action. Chances are you know instinctively when to replace your sofa. However, a complex cocktail of emotions, finances and habits are stopping you from doing the right thing. We know how you feel. It’s a big move changing something in which that you’ve invested a lot of time and memories. You may even feel a little sad, and we wouldn’t blame you for that either.

Maybe put all your reservations to one side for a short time and read our list on the key signs that sofa replacement is imminent. See how you feel at the end.

It’s Dated

Tastes change and styles evolve. What looked great a decade ago now looks awkward and old-fashioned. If you bought a sofa that fitted with the interior trends of the time, then it’s likely it now looks wrong. The garish fabric now offends the eye. The once en-vogue frills and mouldings are a sorry throwback to days gone by. If you can’t work out when to replace your sofa the appalled reactions of visitors and family will give you the clues you need!

The Damage Done

Sofas are high use items. Think about the amount of time you spend sitting on your settee. A lot, right? In that time, it will have endured numerous spills, accidental scratches, and enthusiastic kids and pets jumping all over it.

After a good few years, this abuse can affect the life expectancy of a sofa. Perhaps the frame now creaks and groans like a rusty gate. The fabric has started to fade and split. The comfort your sofa once offered has fled never to return. In extreme cases, it may even have an unpleasant odour. These are sure signs the words ‘replace sofa’ should be on your to-do list.

It’s Not Kept Up

While time may have stood still for your sofa, the rest of your room may have changed themes several times. The colour scheme, the floorings, and the storage. Indeed everything may be different from the day your sofa arrived.

The way you use the space could now make the sofa look too big or small. You may have strived to make it fit with modern trends by disguising and changing it using all kinds of clever ideas. Ultimately you have to admit defeat. No amount of lily-gilding can delay the decision that you have exhausted the ‘extend the life expectancy of sofa’ list, and it’s time for a change.

Cold Comfort

While there are no definitive rules that tell you ‘how often to replace sofa’ there are some clear indicators that you can’t ignore. And they’re important ones. If you no longer feel comfortable using your sofa, then you need to think about replacing it. There’s a growing body of evidence that attributes spinal pain and discomfort with poorly designed and ageing sofas. It stands to reason. If your sofa is no longer giving you the support, your body needs it can affect your health. So if you don’t feel great after relaxing on your sofa it could be causing long-term issues. Do yourself a favour, start looking for a new sofa.

A Chesterfield, The Never-Replace Sofa

There is a way to ensure you get a sofa that never needs replacement. Yes, you guessed it. Buy a timeless, versatile Chesterfield. That way you’ll get artisan-made furniture that’s immune from the vagaries of fashion. A robust, supportive and enduring classic that will fit in any decorative scheme.

Call the Chesterfield Sofa Company team today on 0800 035 9889 to find out about our vast range of Chesterfield sofa’s and how you can get one that’ll fit right in. That’s one decision that’ll take the worry out of buying another sofa, perhaps, forever.

Published: 24/09/18

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